12 Questions that YOU Should Ask during an Interview

As any big event you care about approaches, you’re going to feel a mix of emotions including nerves and excitement—and an interview is no different. One way to combat the nerves is to be prepared. It’s easy to anticipate the questions they are going to ask you, but what about the questions you should be […]

Diffusing the Most Difficult of Customers

The customer is always right—or so we’ve been told. Retailers are presented with the task of retaining customers, no matter the cost. And YOU, the ever vigilant retail execution hero, are on the front lines—even with those difficult customers. Like clockwork, 5 minutes before you end your shift, customer-zilla walks through the doors and locks […]

5 Tricks to Be Happier at Work—Starting Today!

We spend the majority of our waking hours at work—but let’s face it, work can be stressful. What’s worse is that we tend to bring our work frustrations back home with us. Here are a few tricks to be happier at work, starting today. Get Your Jam On (If You Can!) If you work in […]