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Stefan Midford, CEO of Capango

Stefan Midford

President & Founder, Capango Inc

Our Mission at Capango

We believe that everyone deserves a job that is personally fulfilling, financially rewarding and that leads to a better life. We have seen first-hand how having a chance to pursue a passion and unlocking each individual’s talents can revive the human spirit and unleash human potential.

In everything we do, we seek to connect people with opportunities that help them become the best version of themselves.

Employers and job seekers are looking for a better path to success.

Workers were frustrated with the recruiting process. Not just a little bit annoyed – they truly hated the process.

Supervisors were also frustrated at the inability to find the right candidates and often just settled for someone to fill the role.

Turnover was driven by employees in the wrong jobs that were not engaged in what they were doing every day at work.

The costs of constantly recruiting were a drain on the profitability of the employers.

We set out to fix the problem and Capango was born!

We know there are lots of job platforms that workers or employers can choose from, but most quite frankly are driven to simply advertise the jobs and not help improve the process.  We focused on the feedback we received and built a totally new and simpler experience.

Our Key Objectives:

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Focus on retail, restaurant and hospitality workers with an industry specific platform.

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Engage with job seekers through a simple easy to use mobile app.

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Work to build a community of workers. Not just another job board!

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Help job seekers build an amazing resume with just a few clicks.

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Make connections easier with integrated chat and video chat.

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Give recruiters the tools to find the right candidates with computer assisted scoring and candidate sorting.

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Reduce turnover and recruiting costs.

The journey thus far has been a blast!

I’ve seen how my initial experience as a short order cook helped me learn the basics of a having job. After that, my experience as a retail salesperson opened the door to a career path I could have never imagined. That’s why at Capango we’re focused on one thing – powering the service economy and creating amazing worker and employer experiences that drive the business and create careers.

 We look forward to continuing the journey and would be honored to have you join us. 


Stefan Midford – Founder

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