From Coworkers to BFFs: Here is How You Can Make More Friends at Work

Unless you’ve got the secret to winning the lottery, you’ve gotta work for a living. C’est la vie. But work doesn’t have to be a drag, and it certainly helps if you’re buddies with your coworkers.

The benefits of having friends at work are seemingly endless:

  • Friends make time go by faster
  • Having friends might net you an invite to a Happy Hour
  • If you’re Jim Halpert, one of your friends might even become your wife
  • If they bring in their dog, they’ll let you pet it

See what we mean? It pays to have friends.

But, we’re adults; making friends is a much more nuanced process. So, how do you make friends at the office? Here’s four tips for you:

Embrace Who You Are

Obviously, we put a premium on being professional at work, but being professional and being your old goofy self aren’t mutually exclusive. People connect with those whom they feel are genuine, so be yourself. Don’t be afraid to talk about how you dabble in ukulele or have a slight (or full-blown) obsession with your dog. These traits make you unique. Let your coworkers know who you are.


Embrace Your Coworkers (Not Literally)

Along with embracing who you are, look for ways to embrace your coworkers—just not literally. Show an interest in them. Listen to them when they talk about their lives. It feels good when folks feel open enough to share things with you. You’re on the right track!


Find Similar Interests

Once you embrace your coworkers—again, not literally—you’ll learn things about them and their lives. Chances are, you’ll hear them say something that you can relate with. You will find things in common with them. Engage your coworkers on these topics. Maybe you’re a parent who plays the piano and has cats. You’ll probably get along with one coworker who’s a substitute school teacher, another coworker who fosters animals, and another coworker who plays in a band. But this is just an example! You are you, and there’s a lot you have to offer. Find out how you click with your coworkers and build those relationships!


Be There for Them

Friends are there for each other, and it’s no different with coworker friends. Maybe one of your coworkers had something come up in their personal life, and they’re struggling to find someone to fill their shift. Be a friend and cover it for them—they’ll more than likely return the favor when you need it! Maybe another one of your coworkers got chewed out by your boss about something. Go listen to them and let them vent. Be the kind of friend that you want to have yourself.

Obviously, every situation is going to be different, from place of employment to who your coworkers are, etc. But no matter what situation you’re in, if you are true to yourself, true to others, and put care into your actions with your coworkers, you’ll be set to make new friend in no time at all.

You’ve got this!


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