Toss Your Resume - Not So Fast!!


So, you want to ditch the resume and search online for your next opportunity to land that perfect job.

No problem!  There are lots of apps advertised that say that a resume is not required.  We even put a tag line to it at Capango – No Resumes, Just Jobs!  

Sounds brilliant, innovative and if we can pull it off, we will change the industry.  Then we ran into the HR recruiters and the applicant tracking platforms…

It turns out that there is an absolutely huge set of HR policies, regulations, and an existing infrastructure that simply assumes a resume is part of the process.  So, while the job seekers consider creating and uploading a resume one of the biggest challenges to starting that next job search, the industry simply accepts that this is a barrier you will overcome.

There are apps that say a resume is not required but that most often means you can search for work but when you hit the apply button, guess what – that notorious ‘Upload Resume’ dialogue box appears – taunting you. The challenge is that the employer and job seeker have the same objective – get that next great opportunity – but significantly different approaches on how achieve the end goal.  

After much consternation that our original goal of eliminating the resume was clearly not going to fly, we looked for the solution that would meet the needs of the job seekers and the employers.  What if we could use a social app-like interface to gather information quickly on a mobile phone, and then create a resume in the process?  

Enter the Capango CV – a simplified resume built for retail and restaurant workers with just the right information to land that next gig.  We gather information about a job seeker’s powers and passions as well as brief work experience and allow them, with one quick tap on the app, to build their own professional resume.  Now the pressure of needing to create a resume is eliminated and the employer has a consistent format with data specific to the open positions in their organization.    

As an added bonus, the job seeker can download and print their Capango CV to take to that next interview even if the job is not found using the Capango App.  In addition, the employer can upload the resume to their applicant tracking system (ATS), thus satisfying the company process and creating a simple consistent set of information about the new hires.  Voila – problem solved and everyone wins!   

We’ve learned a lot over these past few months, not the least being that we need to continue to listen to our users and always strive to find innovative ideas to solve their most challenging problems. So, while that initial idea to toss the resume sounded brilliant, we’re even more excited to offer the benefits of a Capango CV to job seekers and employers.  


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