5 Tricks To Be Happier At Work - Starting Today!

We spend the majority of our waking hours at work—but let’s face it, work can be stressful. What’s worse is that we tend to bring our work frustrations back home with us. Here are a few tricks to be happier at work, starting today.

Get Your Jam On, If You Can:

If you work in a store, and you have control over the playlist, putting on a good song can pump a little bit of happiness in your day. If you’re feeling blue, crank up a good tune to 11 and get grooving. Positive side effect? You’ll energize your coworkers and customers, too! And moving around is excellent for brightening your mood. If you don’t have access to the jukebox yourself, don’t hesitate to ask the person who does.

Can’t play the music you want at work? Incorporate it in your routine. Music while eating breakfast or during your commute can really set the mood for the day.

Find Your Work BFF:

Having friends at work is one of the primary causes of happiness. Friends make you laugh, entertain you, and keep you going through your worst days. If you want to feel happier at work, make sure you connect with your coworkers. Finding your work BFF can take time, but don’t fret—just keep an open mind, embrace who you are, be curious, and get to know the people around you.

Drink More Water!

Yes, you read that right. Water might seem entirely unrelated to your happiness at work, but it practically has magical superpowers. Water helps your body feel energized, makes your skin glow, and can even help you feel more awake. Ditch that extra coffee for a water bottle—you might be surprised with the results (I definitely was!).

Create Something Exciting To Look Forward To:

This is a pretty neat trick that can help you navigate through the duller moments at work. If you’re looking forward to an activity after work, you can create positive energy that will carry you through the day. Of course, this is easy when you’ve got special plans for the evening, like a dinner date or seeing a movie. The trick here is to do something for yourself every single night so you can enjoy this feeling every single day. It really could be anything: playing music, watching your favorite television series, taking a warm bubble bath, reading a good book—anything. As long as you can look forward to it during the day, you’re on the right track. My nightly happy place? Crafting!

Find A Job You Love:

Did you try all of this, and it’s still not working? Maybe it’s time for a change. Working in an environment you love is the best way to be happy at work. If you work with products you’re passionate about and doing something that fits your personality with like-minded people, you’ll be your happiest self much more often. We might be biased, but this is an excellent place to start your search for greater happiness!

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