5 Steps to Better Recruiting

Every day the news has another article on the challenges retailers and restaurants are having finding qualified, available, hourly talent. Business owners are frustrated, and after the staffing turmoil due to Covid-19 this new obstacle is preventing the business recovery that was forecast. Many companies stress the pressure on wages, but it’s more than that. After spending the past couple of years talking to both employers and job seekers, we’ve identified 5 critical steps you can take to improve your recruiting pipeline.

1- Market – Don’t Post Your Positions

Many companies make the mistake of using the job description as a posting for an open position. In the competition for staff, employers should think of their posting from the job candidate’s perspective. You spend time to message your brand to customers and should do the same for job candidates. Why should they join your company, how can you help them succeed and why is your team amazing?

2- Rethink the Resume

Without exception job seekers say they hate creating resumes. Some are new to the workforce and don’t have work history yet, while others just aren’t that good at creating a compelling document. For hourly labor the review of a resume seldom provides insight to the candidate’s ability to properly represent your brand. Engage with more potential candidates and focus on their ability to communicate and contribute. Most retail and restaurant positions are trainable and simply having an enthusiastic candidate provides the ability to help them be successful.

3- Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Employers struggle with candidates that don’t respond after expressing interest or applying for a position. At the same time, candidates are frustrated that many employers do not respond when they apply. Make reviewing your pipeline of candidates a priority and reach out to them before someone else. When you do reach out, connect in the way candidates are most likely to respond to. Chat or message the candidate if possible, and if you use e-mail or voicemail this is your chance to sell the candidate on your company. Why would it be amazing to have them join your team?

4- Simplify On-Boarding

So, you have an interested candidate – now what? The onboarding process needs to be simple, fast and show why you’re an amazing company. Hourly workers don’t have weeks to go through the paperwork before the first paycheck. Focus on the onboarding experience a candidate will have and continue to communicate why you have the best opportunity for the candidate. Companies lose many potentially great employees at this step in the process so simplify and move fast!

5- Help Staff Succeed

The cheapest recruit is an employee that already works for you. Immediately show you’re interested in their career and provide training to support advancement. We all want to learn and get better at our jobs and investments in training are cheaper than recruiting to replace turnover.
There are many factors impacting the industry today, so as an employer your best opportunity for success is simplifying the steps you control. Searching for a job is stressful and attention to making the process friendly and easy to navigate will go a long way toward success.

Good luck and happy recruiting!
Stefan Midford, President & Founder

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