3 Things to Look for When Searching for a Retail Job


When job seekers think about working in retail, the first few things that come to mind might be dealing with difficult customers, organizing and restocking items all day long, struggling at the register, and the crazy holidays and big sale events (especially Black Friday). But if you look for the right job that has the requirements you’re looking for and the benefits you want, you WILL find happiness despite the stress that might come with the job.

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Here are the top 3 things I personally look for in a retail job:

1. Hours that Work for Me

Many retailers all over the United States are willing to work with their employees to help them find a work schedule that is both convenient to the company and the employees. When applying for a retail job, make sure to let the company know of your regular available hours along with important days you need off, including those preferred holiday/vacation days. Make sure to also let your employer know of your life situation (going to school, family, other jobs, etc.), as it will legitimize and add context to your requests.

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2. Employee Benefits

When I choose where I want to work, it’s usually a place that sees a lot of traffic and generates buzz; however, many retailers and brands are like that these days as they compete to engage consumers in innovative ways. If the employer offers any employee benefits, I’m automatically more interested. Some companies offer insurance benefits, pay raises, and employee discounts. And for any of those fashionistas out there, employee discounts will get you access to brand new clothes for discounted prices, letting you flex on all your friends and family with your new, stylish wardrobe. Aside from the fun stuff, these benefits can also save you a LOT of money and hassle when it’s time to visit the doctor or get your teeth cleaned.

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3. Overall Interest

The biggest mistake when looking for a job is taking one that you’re not even interested in and don’t enjoy being at. When picking your workplace, you want to make sure you feel comfortable in the environment you’re in, enjoy the work that is being done, and have fun while doing so. By the way, here are some tips on how to be happy at work.

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