Capango Automates Resume Creation for Restaurant and Retail Workers

As restaurant and retail workers struggle to find work opportunities, Capango now helps by automating resume creation in a simple and free phone-based app.

ASHBURN, Va., Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Capango Inc. today announced the release of a significant new free feature to help restaurant and retail workers quickly create a resume to help find even more work opportunities. With a social feel mobile app designed specifically for the needs of restaurant and retail industry, the new Capango CV is created by simply answering questions on a mobile device. Workers can go from downloading the app to having a professional resume in minutes. The Capango CV is then available to employers recruiting through Capango or as a PDF to print and take to a hiring manager.

"While job seekers were thrilled with our no resume jobs platform, employers continue to look for a summary of candidate information as they make hiring decisions" said Stefan Midford, Capango President and Founder. "Instead of asking a job seeker to create and upload a document, we do the work for them. It's a concise and professional CV that allows employers to see desired information in a consistent format."

Job seekers consistently indicate that they expect a simple fast process to apply for work and with today's workforce, a mobile friendly experience is critical. Companies that do not have a fast and friendly process risk damaging the perception of their brand before even engaging with a candidate. As always, the competition for the best workers is tough, and all the little steps in the recruiting process must meet the candidate's expectations. Employers need to understand they are competing for the talent and everything they do must reflect their desire to identify job seekers that will be successful in the opportunity offered.

"Capango does an amazing job of scoring candidates to identify the best match for our positions, and the integrated chat and video interview features shorten the hiring process, which is critical." Said Andrew Therrien, Director of Business Development at Samplers, Inc. "Now with the automated resume provided by Capango CV we see everything we need in a consistent format and can pass it on to our applicant tracking platform as a permanent record."

Capango was built to allow job seekers to quickly find local restaurant and retail job opportunities in a simple mobile friendly app. The seeker simply answers a few questions, and they are presented with a matched list of employers. They can then swipe right to match and express their interest to work with an employer.

About Capango

Capango, Inc. has reinvented retail and restaurant recruiting with a platform that instantly connects qualified job seekers to rewarding opportunities. Using a proprietary scoring algorithm and a dating app-like interface, recruiters and job seekers benefit from a mobile first interactive experience. Speed to hire is reduced with integrated chat, video interviewing and candidate management. For employers, this means direct access to qualified, passionate workers, making hiring fast and cost-effective. To learn more about Capango, visit and follow us on Twitter & Instagram @CapangoLife.

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