Everything is going mobile – has your recruiting strategy?

I’ve been confined to my home office for a year now, and it seems the perfect time to reflect on how much has changed – and how quickly we have all adapted. While some talk continues on the efforts to return to “normal”, we all know that some things are never going to be the […]

A Year of Growth

While 2020 has certainly been a challenging environment to launch a company, the Capango team has had a record breaking year and our business partners, clients and the entire retail / restaurant industry has been amazing  to work with .   Below are some of the most notable achievements we’re celebrating as we head into the […]

Toss Your Resume – Not So Fast!

So, you want to ditch the resume and search online for your next opportunity to land that perfect job. No problem!  There are lots of apps advertised that say that a resume is not required.  We even put a tag line to it at Capango – No Resumes, Just Jobs!   Sounds brilliant, innovative and if we can […]

Step Up Your Recruiting Game

Step up your recruiting game – How social apps are changing the industry. The world is moving to social hiring. This shift is inevitable, and we can either adapt or fall behind. This is especially true for some sectors, like retail and restaurants, which have infamously high turn over rates, 58% and 78.6% respectively*. If […]

What to Wear—and Not to Wear—to an Interview

Interviewing can be a stressful ordeal, and one aspect of that is deciding what to wear to the interview itself. You want to make a good impression, come across as professional, and leave the interviewer with the sense that you’d be a great fit for their position. It seems simple—until it comes time to pick […]

3 Things to Look for When Searching for a Retail Job

When job seekers think about working in retail, the first few things that come to mind might be dealing with difficult customers, organizing and restocking items all day long, struggling at the register, and the crazy holidays and big sale events (especially Black Friday). But if you look for the right job that has the […]

Five Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Job for You

Everybody faces a choice at one time or another of what to do for work. Whether it’s starting a brand-new job when you’re just out of college, making a change a couple years in from a job that’s not working for you, a mid-career change, or even later in life when you’ve already achieved personal […]

12 Questions that YOU Should Ask during an Interview

As any big event you care about approaches, you’re going to feel a mix of emotions including nerves and excitement—and an interview is no different. One way to combat the nerves is to be prepared. It’s easy to anticipate the questions they are going to ask you, but what about the questions you should be […]