A better way to recruit

  • Focus on the right candidates

    Capango’s matching technology delivers the right workers to you directly based on skill-sets and preferences. At last, finding the right candidates is easy.

  • Skip the resume

    Stop wasting hours reviewing hundreds of resumes. Quickly learn about interesting candidates with easy-to-skim profiles and candidate introduction videos or simply leverage our matching technology to find the right candidates.

  • Augment your applicant pipeline

    Capango specializes in Retail and Restaurants, and our team is dedicated to continually bringing in highly qualified candidates for all types of jobs.

  • Only pay for what you use

    With Capango, you only pay for candidates you contact or candidates that express interest in your job postings.

  • Not a Job Board

    Capango is disrupting traditional recruiting methods. Capango presents Employers with a ranked list of qualified Seekers immediately upon posting rather than forcing Employers to wait for applications from candidates that may or may not be qualified. Seekers that don’t meet the requirements for the jobs never get the option to apply.

    Employers swiftly get a feel for Seekers with easy-to-skim profiles and user-uploaded intro videos, better informing them before the interview process and helping them locate the right hire faster.

    Combined with an elegant user interface, Capango is the next-generation retail recruiting platform.

Get to the right hire faster

    • Save time

      Review only the best-fitting candidates using Capango’s predictive intelligence matching algorithm

    • Pre-Screen

      Pictures are great, but videos are better. Get a better feel for candidates with video intros.

    • Get in Touch.

      Contact Seekers via our in-app messaging system for a faster response, or use their email and phone number.

    • Track Your Progress

      Easily understand which jobs and locations need more attention with our intuitive Dashboard.

    • Make Better Hires

      Drive better in-store experiences and sales performance with better people.

Find Talent With Capango!