• The Problem We All Face...

    We are undoubtedly in the midst of the worst disruption that our industry has ever experienced. At the time of writing this memo, unemployment in the country sits just shy of 12%. Retail, which in 2019 directly employed 29 million Americans, was hit especially hard.

    The economy is opening up, slowly but accelerating. As it recovers, millions of positions will need to be filled while millions of applicants will be seeking opportunities.

    To make matters worse, some parts of the old-economy playbook are still very true. Employers that make too many “bad hires” are facing a more insidious “second wave” of problems that will affect customer experience.
  • A Solution with Capango...

    Before any of this started, we had set out to launch the Retail Industry’s ultimate recruitment platform: Capango. With the ability to match candidates with predictive scoring in milliseconds and built-in video-interviews, Capango can help retail organizations staff with unpresented speed and confidence.

    Capango as a recruiting platform is, and always has been, a fiber in the fabric of this industry. In an effort to accelerate recovery, we have decided to make the Capango Platform job postings and click fees free through September 30, 2020.

    The only charges through September 30th will be minimal unlock fees when reaching out to potential candidates.